The faintness that you feel is nothing permanent.

I'm a doctor today, curing viewers by the thousands.

le mot est l'amour, ou peut-être perte
Music: 4skins, 7 Seconds, 999, AAA, A Global Threat, Against Me!, Agent Orange, Agnostic Front, Angelic Upstarts, Anti-Flag, Anti-Heros, Anti-Nowhere League, Aus-Rotten, Bad Brains, Bikini Kill, Black Flag, Black Velvet Flag, Blitz, Blood For Blood, Breaking Spree, Buzzcocks, Caustic Christ, Chaotic Dischord, Chaos UK, Cheap Sex, Chelsea, Choking Victim, Circle Jerks, Clit 45, Clockwork Crew, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, Condemned 84, Combat 84, Conflict, Crass, Cropknox, CRS 7, DRI, Discharge, Dropkick Murphys, F-Minus, Fear, Flogging Molly, Funeral Dress, G. Love & Special Sauce, GBH, Hudson Falcons, INDK, Lars and the Bastards, Le Tigre, Leftover Crack, Lower Class Brats, Mason, Middle Class Chaos, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Minor Threat, Misfits, Modern Day '84, Morning Glory, Nausea, No Cash, NoFX, Oi Polloi, old Rancid, One Way System, OpIvy, Oxymoron, Resistance 77, Riot Squad, Runnin' Riot, Sham 69, Sin Dios, Skarmy of Darkness, Skrewdriver, Slaughter and the Dogs, Slime, Social Distortion, Subhumans, Sublime, The Adicts, The Business, The Clash, The Damned, The Dead Boys, The Dead Kennedys, The Dead Milkmen, The Devotchkas, The Disasters, The Exploited, The Forgotten, The GC5, The Germs, The Mike Clarey Project, The Oi! Scouts, The Oppressed, The Partisans, The Pinkerton Thugs, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Specials, The Templars, The Unseen, The Virus, The Whore Moans, Tom and the Boot Boys, Total Chaos, Toxic Narcotic, Tsunami Bomb, UFC, UK Subs, Unit Six, US Bombs, Vice Squad, Virus Nine, X-Ray Spex, Youth Brigade, Youth of Today
-singing along